For the road. For the air.
For all of us.

CAPHENIA is all about carbon-neutral synthetic fuels. And to produce these fuels, we recycle carbon dioxide. More efficiently and less expensively than any other technology.

CAPHENIA’s synthetic fuels are carbon-neutral and affordable. We can produce large quantities of these fuels, and at the same time recycle carbon dioxide in making them. No new infrastructure needs to be built and not a single engine already in service needs to be converted before our fuels can go to market and power the world’s vehicles. By deploying our fuels, mankind could cut the level of pollutant emissions by more than any other technology is currently capable of doing. And we produce these fuels more efficiently and more cheaply, too. The age of climate-neutral mobility is dawning right now. With CAPHENIA.

Leadership Team

mark-misselhorn Dr. Mark Misselhorn
Chief Executive Officer of CAPHENIA

“To cause fewer carbon emissions and still be mobile – this is the greatest challenge the world faces today. CAPHENIA’s technology facilitates precisely this. It is sound and both technically and economically efficient.”

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simone-menne Simone Menne
CAPHENIA investor, former CFO of Lufthansa AG and Boehringer Ingelheim, Supervisory Board member of BMW Group and Deutsche Post DHL Group

“There are many ways to combat climate change. But I find CAPHENIA’s technology particularly authentic because it can play a valuable role in reducing carbon emissions and is cost-effective at the same time.”

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kay-kratky Kay Kratky
Chairman of the Advisory Board and CAPHENIA investor, former CEO of Austrian Airlines

“The aviation industry will continue to depend on liquid fuels for the foreseeable future. But this is not the only industry CAPHENIA offers a unique opportunity to reduce carbon emissions sustainably and with minimal effort. And with lower costs, too.”

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Andreas_03_less R Dr. Andreas Waibel
Chief Technology Officer

"I first came into contact with CAPHENIA's approach in 2012 and was responsible for the technical development of the process at Lufthansa. Since then it has never let me go. The more I get involved, the more convinced I am that we have a process in our hands that will allow us to make a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions worldwide.“

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Prof.Dr.Christoph Franz Prof. Dr. Christoph Franz
CAPHENIA investor, Chairman of the Board at Roche, and former CEO of Lufthansa AG

“I want to play a part in the transition to new fuels. CAPHENIA’s groundbreaking technology can enable me to do just that. I was already convinced of this when I was CEO of Lufthansa. That’s why I have invested in CAPHENIA and am actively involved as a shareholder.”

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Peter Gerber KL Peter Gerber
CAPHENIA investor, CEO of Lufthansa Cargo

“Every generation has its challenges. And avoiding CO2 emissions is without doubt ours. CAPHENIA’s technology is groundbreaking in this respect: Carbon dioxide is harnessed through recycling on an industrial scale.”

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laurent-fulcheri Prof. Dr. Laurent Fulcheri
Scientific Advisor, leading expert in graphite plasma electrodes and head of the plasma research group in Sophia Antipolis, France

“With CO2 retroconversion, CAPHENIA’s plasma technology has the potential to bring about a historic, radical transformation in the energy sector.”

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Dr. Peter Malanik Dr. Peter Malanik
CAPHENIA investor, President of the Austrian Aviation Association and former CEO of Austrian Airlines

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Who We Are

We first began to develop our patented technology for producing synthetic fuels from recycled CO2 in 2012. With strong partners at our side: Lufthansa and MAN. Since then our experienced and innovative team has been driving ahead with our vision, supported by leading experts. Notable investors have already contributed several million euros to the development of our technology.

What We Do

Climate change is the most important issue of our time by far. Synthetic fuels make it possible to reduce the emissions of harmful greenhouse gases in the mobility sector – in the air, on land, and at sea. CAPHENIA’s technology produces carbon-neutral fuels on the basis of recycled carbon dioxide and biogenic gas. All we need do to use these fuels is fill up.

Our Technology

We recycle carbon dioxide to produce carbon-neutral synthetic fuels for powering airplanes, ships, and land-based vehicles – more efficiently and cheaper than any other technology. Exactly how our process works and what role plasma plays in this process can be explained in four steps.


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