CAPHENIA launches new website

Why does CAPHENIA produce synthetic fuels so efficiently? How is construction progressing on the world's first plant to implement the CAPHENIA process? Who is behind the company?  All this is revealed on the new CAPHENIA website. 

CAPHENIA stands for carbon-neutral synthetic fuels. And for a patented process to produce them more efficiently and less expensively than anyone else. The construction of the world's first plant to implement this patented CAPHENIA process is scheduled to begin next year.

CAPHENIA will provide information on the progress made on its new website: contains all relevant milestones and detailed information on what makes the CAPHENIA process so efficient.

It also provides all the background information on the company: CAPHENIA shareholders and investors introduce themselves - including Simone Menne, former CFO of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Christoph Franz, former CEO of Deutsche Lufthansa AG and Peter Gerber, CEO of Lufthansa Cargo.

"Our new website bundles all relevant information about CAPHENIA and informs about the progress of our work. We have thus created a portal that is as forward-looking as our technology," says CAPHENIA Managing Director Mark Misselhorn.


In 2011, we started to develop our patented technology for the production of synthetic fuels. Our partners: Lufthansa and MAN. Supported by experts from science and industry, our team has been driving the idea forward ever since. Well-known investors have already provided several million euros for the development of our technology.