CAPHENIA Managing Director Mark Misselhorn appointed to the Senate of Economy

The German Senate of Economy has a new member: Dr Mark Misselhorn will also be part of the board going forward and will, therefore, help to drive forward the Senate’s work of promoting the common good.

Dr Mark Misselhorn will be representing CAPHENIA as a senator in the German Senate of Economy in the future. The chairman of the Senate of Economy, Honorary General Consul Dieter Härthe, and President Prof. Dr Dr Franz Josef Radermacher will award Misselhorn the corresponding certificate of appointment in May 2020.

The Senate of Economy consists of individuals from the fields of economics and science, as well as general society, who feel a particular sense of responsibility towards state and society. Together they contribute to effectively implementing an eco-social and sustainable market economy based around the concept of the common good.

Constant dialogue with representatives from politics and science

Thus, the Senate of Economy sees itself as continuing the tradition of the Senate from ancient times: back then, the Senate brought people with independent mindsets together. Decisions were not made based on personal interests; rather the Senate represented a balanced group of individuals striving for the common good. 

The Senate of Economy is entirely based around the common good and is in constant dialogue with representatives from the world of politics and science. In addition to many other experts, the work is initiated by the honorary senators Sigmar Gabriel, Jean-Claude Juncker, Prof. Günther Verheugen, Prof. Klaus Töpfer and Rosi Gollmann. 

The ethical principles of the Senate also form the foundation and a guideline for the economic activity of the members of the Senate. The work of the Senate is shaped by fairness and partnership in business, as well as by the social expertise of business owners and leaders.